mandag 25. september 2017

Xonik Waveshaper - breadboarded version

I finished breadboarding the waveshaper last night. Here is the schematics (not bug checked though) and a few photos of the output waveforms from the sub oscillator. The saw wave looks like crap but that is because I used a function generator without saw output as the source of the original wave (using a triangle wave with a very unbalanced center in place of the saw). It will look a great deal better with a real saw wave input.

Full waveshaper circuit. Note that the sub saw output has the same polarity as the input. It is also possible to get an inverted output.
Square wave (top) and square wave sub oscillator

Pulse wave and square wave sub oscillator

Saw wave and saw wave sub oscillator. Note that the spikes are artifacts created by the not-completely-a-saw-wave input (the vertical lines in the input wave are not fully vertical). This will disappear when using a real saw wave as input.

1 oct down and 2 oct down saw waves.

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