lørdag 9. september 2017

Wiring the Xonik PSU3 v1.0

The Xonik PSU3 v1.0 is a copy of the Ken Stone CGS66 Rev 1.1.

In addition to the dual voltage of the CGS66, it has a third part meant for digital/logic voltage.

The input to the third channel may either be a dual secondary/centre-tap transformer or a single secondary. If using a dual secondary, do NOT connect D11 and D12.

Using two transformers - connect earth to ground/0V on both connectors and mount D11 and D12

Using one transformer (or two centre-tap transformers): do NOT mount D11 and D12.
NB: Remember to fit suitable fuses and switches on the primary sides of the transformers.

The colors on the dual secondary transformer are the ones used on my Noratel TA050/15:

PS: The Xonik PSU3 has the main smoothing capacitors mounted close to the heat sinks. If the heat sinks get hot, the lifespan of the caps may be reduced.

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