søndag 24. september 2017

Coming soon: the Xonik Waveshaper

On my breadboard today: The Xonik Waveshaper - insert a non-centered 0-10V saw wave from the Xonik DCO and you'll get the following (centered) waves:

- Saw
- Inverted saw
- Triangle
- Sine
- Pulse/square with VC-PWM and VC amplitude (no VCA needed)
- Sub oscillator with square -1oct, square -2 oct, saw -1 oct and saw -2 oct.

The current triangle/sine circuit is based on the Jupiter 8 and Yusynth modular, the sub oscillator is a simplified version of the Xonik Sub oscillator. The pulse circuit amplitude control idea (but not circuit) is lifted from the Juno.

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