lørdag 2. mai 2015

PSU finished!

Tonight I finished something for a change. The dual transformer, triple voltage PSU is safely enclosed in a box, transforming away. The output voltages are only as good as my cheap multimeter of course, but I had no problem dialing in +/- 15V and 5 or 9V. For the moment I've set the output of the "digital" PSU at 9V as this is what the EasyPIC Fusion 7 wants.

the digital and analog PSU's grounds meet at a star grounding point. This point is in turn connected to the "chassis ground"/earth via a 100nF/50V capacitor as suggested by bwack. In addition, I have exposed earth on top of the PSU to be able to clip on my ESD wrist band.

The DGND and AGND meet at a star point which is also connected to Earth via a 100nF cap (inside the shrink tube)

Earth is also connected to a point outside the box where I can attach my ESD wrist band

The box

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