mandag 25. mai 2015

Free the PG-200!

Around three years ago, in april 2012, I decoded the PG-200 protocol. Using a Saleae logic probe I took a closer look at what happened while using the PG-200, and built a device that converts MIDI CC messages into PG-200 commands. This device, the MPG-200, also receives and transmits MIDI note messages, making it possible to completely control the JX-3P using MIDI.

To my knowledge, at the time I started the project only two other devices existed that could do this - the KiwiTechnics JX-3P upgrade and Patch Editor and the Organix Midi upgrade kit. These both require extensive modification of the JX-3P. Later, Mode machines made a PG-200 clone called the DT-200. I have yet to see the PG-200 protocol fully documented anywhere, but I may have missed something as I have not searched the web lately.

As a tiny gift to the synth community in honor of my daughter's birth, I now release all the information I have gathered. This document is based on the data found in the JX-3P/PG-200 service manual as well as a lot of work done by myself. Feel free to use it in any way you see fit, but I would be really happy if you acknowledged my contribution.

The complete protocol description can be found at

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  1. Excellent job. I'm working in a similar project and it's very important to me your info..

  2. Svar
    1. Fixed! Do you have any info in your project or anything else interesting?

  3. Hi Joakim,

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a while with my JX-3P, but I'm not interested in the full Kiwi Mod (don't need most of the features). Is this product still available? Can it be used in conjunction with the PG-200?


    1. Hi Jon! The product is available, in fact I am still looking for someone to beta test it.

      It can unfortunately not be used with the PG-200 connected. There are a few shortcomings (because of the way an unmodified JX-3P works) that mean that while you can both play notes and send cc messages through midi using the MPG-200, you cannot to both at the same time. Automatic switching between them is added but the switching time is not instant.

      You CAN use the mpg-200 to control all CC params while using the keyboard to play. Check out Gotchas on for details

      If you want to reach me, my email is myfirstname @ (and my name is joakim tysseng). I'll be happy to tell you more about the MPG-200 and how it works.