lørdag 9. mai 2015

MPG-200 programming through midi cable

I soldered together the first MPG-200 today. I've made a few mistakes - my midi connector does not perfectly fit the board, and the electrolytic caps and transistors would have liked a little more space, but nothing serious.

I have yet to try it out as the mpg-200 firmware has to be adapted to the PIC18F25K50, but I got the programmer working. I've chosen to run the programmer pins, five in total, through the midi connector. The wiring is as follows:

Pin 1: 5V
Pin 2: MCLR
Pin 3: PGClock
Pin 4: PGData
Shield: GND

Now, I do not usually want the shield to be connected to GND, so I've added a jumper that must be removed after programming. Pins 1,2 and 3 are not normally used by midi so those are hardwired, but I've added solder-blob jumpers that can be removed should you use any equipment that use these lines for something else.

Pin 4 is normally midi in, but as long as I have not added the input optoisolator it can be used by the programmer as well.

The Mikroelektronika mikroProg connected to the MPG-200 through a custom cable

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