søndag 24. mars 2019

JP6 filter almost complete

I worked so hard trying to finish the JP6 filter this month. It's a really shitty filter to breadbord, but I finally got it working in all modes.

I thought I had it finished last week, but after trying to replace the output VCA with an opamp to be able to tap output pre-VCA, I can't get a proper single SVF BP output - it's a lot higher than it should. I did break parts of an DG409 in the process, so I'm not sure if that's part of it. I will have to breadboard a proper switch again later.

Anyway, here is how I THINK it should be:

The overdrive does not work very well btw. It overdrives way too much I think.

Missing in this schematic: Overload indicator circuit, like this:

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  1. Hé Joakim.

    I love your work andere i came across you making a mpg200...

    How can i buy one frome you so i can operate m jx3p

    Wil this work with a iPad as a controller?

    Bets regards