lørdag 22. mars 2014

New panels

This week I've finished five new panels and prepared prints for three more. I've done two more oscillator panels, two sub oscillators and one 7-saw controller. I've also printed two more sub oscillators and one controller. Since the edges of the first oscillator panel didn't get as sharp as I wanted when folding the plastic around the edges, I've decided to cut the foil along the edges this time.
Plexi glass panels before attaching the adhesive film

Three oscillator modules - the first one to the left has plastic folded around the edges while the new ones are square cut for a sharper edge. I've also realized that I will run out of orange potmeter caps. Unfortunately, Re'an has stopped producing these so it's hard to get more. I've found some similar looking ones on Ebay, they seem to be 1mm wider but it may work out ok.
Finished sum oscillator and 7-saw control panels

Close-up of the sub oscillator. Note the input polarity switch, setting this to the opposite of the input wave will give that cool saw-within-saw wave shown in an earlier post

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