onsdag 13. mars 2013

Stand alone prototype finished

The first fully functional MPG-200 prototype was finished and shipped yesterday. It features automatic switching between midi and pg-200 mode (with a small modification to the JX-3P), and tries to minimise the fact that switching cannot be done very quickly. In particular, it stores any note off messages received while in pg-200 mode and sends them as soon as it reverts back to midi mode.

The following features have been implemented:
  • all switches and pots from the PG-200 except for write and manual
  • midi passthrough - lets all midi messages not destined for the mpg-200 through
  • note off protection to prevent hanging notes
  • automatic switching between midi and pg-200 mode to allow full control of the JX-3p from a DAW or similar
  • three modes - pg-200 only (blocks midi but keeps delay to a minimum), safe mix (mixes midi and pg-200, but ensures that no message is interpreted as the wrong type by the jx-3p by introducing a "safe time" between modes), mix (switches instantly).
  • queueing of messages in case they arrive faster than the mpg200 can handle them.
  • default CC-to-pg200 mapping

Still to be implemented are
  • Config of CC-mapping and other parameters via sysex, stored to flash memory
  • Configurable midi channel
  • Autosensing of when the jx-3p has noticed a mode change
  • Configurable ranges for the potmeters
The mpg-400 prototype. The "production model" will be using an 8 leg microcontroller with a built in crystal, and will be using at least 7 parts fewer than the prototype.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome! So, are you planning to release this for sale as a kit?

    I have a plan to make an arduino-based PG-200 clone, which makes this project very interesting indeed! But the communication protocol is a tough nut to crack, not having access to a PG-200 (or clone). Would you possibly consider divulging the details of PG-200 communication and pinouts, to help a fellow JX3P hacker?

    I'm planning to base the project on Arduino, and make as close clone to the original PG-200 as I can manage, including controls and enclosure.

    Any hints will be greatly appreciated!

    Hälsningar från Sverige,
    Arvid Rudling

    1. Hei Arvid! Send en mail til gmailkontoen min, brukernavn tysseng, så kan vi ta en prat? Jeg tenkte å lage mpg-200'en for salg salg, men vi kan kanskje samarbeide om en PG-200?