mandag 24. juli 2017

Jupiter 8 X-mod

The Jupiter 8 has two oscillator, and the output of oscillator 2 can frequency modulate oscillator 1.

Oscillator 1 has four waveforms:
- Saw
- Triangle
- Pulse
- Square

I am not sure why both pulse and sqare are present as only one can be connected to the output at the time.

Oscillator 2 has these outputs:
- Sine - which replaces the saw form osc 1
- Triangle
- Pulse
- Noise

The x-mod input is tapped after the oscillator 2 waveform selector, to any of the osc 2 waveforms may modulate osc 1. X-mod has its own VCA The X-mod output (a current, as it is the output of an OTA) is mixed with the rest of the linear CV input, so x-mod is linear.

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