lørdag 25. juli 2015

MPG-200 PCBs ordered from DirtyPCBs

I ordered what is hopefully the final version of the MPG-200 cards from DirtyPCBs last night. If all things go to plan I will get approximately 40 boards somewhere next month. Exciting!

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  1. Svar
    1. Yeah, pretty much - I would like someone to test one thoroughly so I'll sell you one for $25 if you are willing to do it (I'll check the postage once I get your address). I plan to charge at least double that for it in the future. The boards come fully populated as this is necessary to load the firmware.

      PS: It comes without an enclosure.
      PPS: be sure you have read the last section about midi and the pg-200 here: http://xonik.no/mpg-200/pg-200/pg-200.html

  2. Hi Joakim, Did you MPG200 product ever work/get released? Do you still make these units?

    1. Hi Philip! It definitely worked. I have had a few inquiries about selling it too, but unfortunately I haven't gotten around to that. I have enough parts available for about 10 I think, so the only thing I need is time to solder and package the device. As winter is approaching over here I may get a little more spare time. Email me at firstname@lastname.no (first name: joakim, last name: tysseng) and I'll keep you updated.

  3. Hi Joakim,
    I'm really interested in your MPG-200 and I'd like to know if I can buy a unit.

    1. Hi! I have actually prepared four of them for sale, but there are some missing soldering of contacts and cables. Unfortunately, I think I have become allergic to solder flux so I'm on a 6 month 'detox' with no soldering to see if it is only temporary. I am however getting a much better soldering setup with proper ventilation soon (approx 2 months), so I may be able to finish the devices. Email me at firstname@lastname.no (first name: joakim, last name: tysseng) if you want to discuss this further - like the possibility of having someone else (you?) complete the soldering.

  4. Hello Joakim,
    I would like to buy one of your MPG-200 devices, please, if you have any available. I live in the United States (in Virginia). I would like to use it with my Roland MKS-30 synthesizer, which is compatible with the PG-200. I already have the 6 pin cable that came with my Roland MKS-30 synth.
    If I understand correctly, it looks like I will need to provide an enclosure, and a female MIDI input jack and a female 6 pin DIN jack. Looking at the XONIK PCB it shows eight pads on one end of the PCB. The TX, GND, and 7V pads would correspond to pin 5, pin 4, and pin 3 on the DIN jack, but what are the functions and how are the TOGGLE, MIDI 05, GND, MIDI 04, and SCLINE pads supposed to be wired? In any event I am prepared to solder wires to pads. Thanks for your hard work and for this engineering solution. I could not afford to buy a PG-200, they cost more than my Roland synthesizer did. I’m hoping for an inexpensive alternative.

    My other thought is to try using a Teensy 3.5 micro controller, for about $25, which has MIDI via USB capability, but does not yet have the code for converting MIDI to the PG-200’s protocol for controlling the Roland synth. I know how to program in C, although I have limited experience so far. This would be a great way to learn about micro controllers, but I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, since you have already accomplished the entire goal with the MPG-200.

    - Kevin