lørdag 28. desember 2013

Quad oscillator oscillating!

After a false start this morning, I managed to get my quad saw oscillator card up and running tonight. At first, it seemed like nothing worked, but after switching to another set of oscilloscope probes and probing from the start to the end of the circuit, it turned out it was working after all. Great success! :-D

The unpopulated PCB

My first ever try at soldering surface mountable components. It wasn't hard at all, just put some solder on one of the corner solder tabs (on the PCB), hold the part with SMD tweezers and solder the first corner. Then do the same to the diagonally opposite one. When they are done and the chip is adjusted to it's correct location the rest is easy.

The completed PCB. I tried cleaning the board with isopropanol, with disasterous results. The cleaning left white residue all over the card. In retrospect I suspect that the residue is in fact from the toothbrush I used for cleaning...

Oh... and to round up the post - of course an electronics enthusiast needs an electric car, so I bought this amazing vehicle, the Tesla Model S :-D It's a beast!

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