mandag 9. april 2012

New general synth stuff blog

As I've finished the Introspectiv 9090 (909 clone), the blog will not be updated any more. It's also about time I moved to a more general blog, as the latest posts are not related to the 909.

Thus, here is "A to Synth", my new company blog. I have a few nice things coming up shortly:
  • the full description of the PG-200 (JX-3P programmer) protocol, including data format and events for each pot/switch 
  • a parts list for the Sequential Circuits Pro-one 
  • redrawn schematics for the Pro-one in Eagle format All time permitting though, as these are only part time projects.
  • vector versions of several well known synthesizer companies' logos, as well as synth logos. 

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